Country Of Origin Labeling On Food

Do you look for country of origin labeling on the food you purchase?  Does it matter to you where your food comes from?  Is it produced under the same laws/rules we have to follow here in the U.S.?

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2 Responses to Country Of Origin Labeling On Food

  1. Big Daddy says:

    I do think about that… But find it hard to understand the differences. Can you explain?

    • Lets use fruit as an example. Does the fruit cross country borders to get to your store? Do they have similar or any laws, as to how, pesticides are used? Labor laws? Environmental protection laws? What about sanitation issues? Are you helping your local economy, your neighbor, by puchasing from a local farmer that supplies the grocer or farmers market? Did the fruit have to ripen during shipping, possibly thousands of miles, to be fresh on the shelf. Did the local farmer let the fruit ripen on the tree, with minimal shipping to the shelf? I could go on and on; however, I wanted to get you thinking. Is it really important that you know where your food comes from? Look for the label.

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