Global Warming? Really?

The earth will always have cold & hot, summer & winter, day & night and seedtime & harvest.

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2 Responses to Global Warming? Really?

  1. Big Daddy says:

    I agree with you. The planet goes through global cooling spells, not to mention the global warming spells. I just can’t wait for Al Gore’s plea to humanity, that “Global Cooling” is a serious issue. That everyone needs to turn off their A.C., in order to stop “Global Cooling”.

    No longer is our temperature measured in Ferinhieght (F’)… It is officially measured in Gore (G’). EX: “It’s so hot outside. What’s the Gore?” “Oh, it is 98 Gore”

  2. Nan McC says:

    I am in agreement about the weather. Man trying to take credit for or being blamed for changing weather is showing mankind’s arrogance. There have been hot and cold cycles since time began. More pollution has come from natural events, like volcanic eruptions, than from all of man’s technology. God is in control of the weather. Jesus was able to calm storms. The government is just trying to control us by limiting technology and our use of the fossil fuels (oil and coal) which God provided for us to use. We need to be independent of foreign fuels for our own security and take to take advantage of what we have here.

    Gore just wanted to make money by selling Carbon Credits and to control people by limiting economic and industrial advancement.

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