For Sale


PVR360, BW 60, DOB 02/28/2006

PVR340, DOB 05/09/2008

PVR348, DOB05/25/2009    SOLD

PVR351, DOB 09/22/2009

PVR 353, 03/04/2010

PVR354, DOB 03/07/2010

PVR355, 03/18/2010   SOLD

PVR361, 09/12/2010   SOLD

PVR362, 12/25/2010




DMCC Revive 40G

Hopley’s Showtime 838X

DMCC Mercedes

DF Midas 5N

DMCC Polleriod 29A ET

Daines Sizzler

Fear This KGST 76F

Poplar Haven Smithbilt

Bogaards BS28Y


DMCC Mellinilum  X  Dutches 10B

Midas   X  DMCC Precious 78E

Spindoctor Y55N  X  DMCC Precious 78E

Calberta Black Impact 2179  X  K&A Desrae D409

Direct Deposit  X  KKLM Cindy 606F

Northgate  X  KKLM Cindy 606F


                            Case IH 8380 mower conditioner


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