If You Don’t Like The Weather Here, Wait an hour.


It is well known in Colorado, that the weather can change quickly. A day or so ago we experienced 80 degree (F) temperatures.    


            This morning was our first measurable snow fall and hours later it cleared. Several trees broke because they still had most of their leaves; however, the scenery was spectacular.

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Water Storage Is Critical To Colorado

Cities and towns in our area have water restrictions in place.  Did you know that, the water Colorado has the right to use, is leaving the state? As water demand increases with population growth, these very people should support efforts to store water that is already available to us. Welcome Friends! Let’s not waste this valuable resource, and let’s not short our neighboring states their fair share. Taking another Coloradans water that grows your food is not the answer. Water storage is critical to Colorado. It’s our water and we should keep it!

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Top Donor Partnership Under Works

The Pleasant View Ranch is excited to partner with Chance Willard in our top donor cow, PVR Time for Valeria 317.

 PVR Time for Valeria 317, an Oakridge TimeWarp 2000 (PowerPlant x ZTA Black Lucy 594A) daughter by the great DMCC Valeria 27F (DMCC Polleroid29A ET x DMCC Valerie) cow, bred and raised by The Pleasant View Ranch.

Chance has been involved in his family’s farm  all his life and found a great interest in showing club calves. He is continuing his education in agriculture and seeking the best genetics for his future.

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Global Warming? Really?

The earth will always have cold & hot, summer & winter, day & night and seedtime & harvest.

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What came first? The Chicken Or The Egg?

We firmly believe, the chicken came  first.

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Country Of Origin Labeling On Food

Do you look for country of origin labeling on the food you purchase?  Does it matter to you where your food comes from?  Is it produced under the same laws/rules we have to follow here in the U.S.?

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